Our office provides several simulations to increase awareness of various financial management topics:

  • Life in the State of Poverty – Poverty is a reality for many individuals.  But, unless you’ve experienced poverty, it’s difficult to truly understand.  This simulation is an interactive immersion experience that bridges the gap from misconception to understanding. 
  • Kid’s Market Place – An SOL-based interactive money game for 3 – 7th grade students.  Students are given an occupation with a monthly salary.  They then get to experience the financial obligations that adults deal with every day.  This hands-on educational tool is used to introduce elementary students to financial choices while having fun. 
  • Reality Store - The Reality Store is a financial simulation that allows 8th – 12th grade students to learn more about career planning, money management and budgeting, and decision making. Students are given a career, receive a “paycheck,” and learn to budget their pay to meet monthly expenses, along with unexpected expenses.

Contact Lenah Nguyen at lgeer@vt.edu or 540-727-3435 to schedule one of these financial management simulations for your school or organization.